Conditions générales

Art 4: Comment participer au concours

> Pour vous inscrire, il suffit de remplir le formulaire sur et de bien vous assurer que vous avez un compte Facebook afin de pouvoir regarder nos prochaines vidéos sur Malte.
> Vous recevrez alors un email et vous devrez valider votre adresse email (pour prouver que vous êtes une vraie personne !)
> Pour chacune de nos 5 vidéos de Malte, vous recevrez un email pour vérifier l'épisode associé avec l'exercice très rapide du concours

... TRÈS simple, vraiment !

Art 7: Sélection du gagnant
Le gagnant sera sélectionné au hasard sur une vidéo FB Live à La Valette le 26 octobre.

Tous les utilisateurs qui ont 25 parrainages confirmés seront inscrits au tirage final (appelons-les « les joueurs influents ») puis
Nous sélectionnerons 10 ‘tickets’ / personnes de manière aléatoire via un script php.

Un « joueur influent » peut également être tiré au sort mais ne peut détenir que trois places lors du tirage final

Tous les noms de ces personnes seront ensuite écrits sur papier et l’heureux gagnant sera tiré au sort.

Art 8: Processus de vérification
Avant de choisir un gagnant final, nous devons vérifier que cette personne a bien fait les petits exercices demandés dans chacun de nos courriels. Une fois validé, le gagnant peut décider des dates avec notre accord ... puis nous discuterons avec nos partenaires afin d’arrêter ces dates.

Art 9: Flexibilité et disponibilité
Comme nous avons affaire à un certain nombre de partenaires qui, en raison des célébrations de la capitale européenne de la culture, risquent d'être occupés en 2018, les gagnants doivent garder à l'esprit qu'ils devront faire preuve d’une certaine flexibilité quant aux dates des vols et de l'hébergement afin que celles-ci concordent les unes aux autres. En ce qui concerne toutes les activités prévues, l'organisateur ne peut garantir qu'il y aura la disponibilité pour TOUTES LES ACTIVITÉS ... tout dépend de la période à laquelle vous choisissez de venir et de la disponibilité du ou des partenaires le cas échéant – néanmoins, beaucoup de partenaires sont ouverts toute l'année.

Art 1 : Organisers
This holiday giveaway is organised by the Kid Trotter Family - we are not a commercial entity … we travel the world as a family and produce a professional level travel series. We spent some time filming in Malta in April and we decided in addition to offering you guys our series of videos from Malta for free, we would also offer one of our great viewers an experience similar to ours for FREE. We spoke with some great partners in Malta who were all delighted to jump aboard … and hence Malta is Amazing was born :)

Art 2 : Aim
The aim is of course to send you guys to Malta, but also to promote Malta, the European captial of culture 2018, promoting our awesome partners and... and of course to gain a little more exposure for our humble family video series :)

Article 3 : Transparency
We entered a contest online (on twitter actually) about 2 years ago by a big travel brand. When the winning date came around there was no announcement either then or months later… and the PR company managing it refused to answer tweets, emails etc etc. Its disappointing to see this sort of practices and hence we are 100% transparent with how everything works and how the winner will be choose ( most probably on Facebook live in late september / early october … exact date will be announced soon) 

Art 4 : Entering the Giveaway

> To enter you have to simply fill in the form on and ensure you have a Facebook account so you can watch our upcoming Malta videos.
> You will then be sent an email and need to validate your email address ( to prove you are a real person ! )
> For each of our 5 Malta videos you will be sent an email to check out the related episode with a very quick task to compete

… VERY simple really

Ohhhhh ... Ensure that you have liked The Kid Trotter on FB for all the most recent updates. This is how you ensure our updates do not get lost in Facebook's mess :)


Right now the fun part ..... The Prize(s) :)

Art 5 : Prize(s)

The prize consists of any or all of the elements listed in Article 5. As this giveaway deals with many different partners it is necessary to confirm availability of flights and accommodation before anything is booked.


Art 5.1 : Accommodation Valletta
Whilst in Valletta the winners will be accommodated for 4 nights in the magnificent Palazzo Consiglia in a Deluxe room accommodating up to 4 people including breakfast. ( )
As per giveaway restrictions accommodation is available anytime before May 15th and after Sept 15th in 2017 or 2018.
Availability does need to be confirmed with Palazzo Consiglia before flights and Gozo accommodation are all finalised. All rooms in this establishment are decorated in unique fashion and hence we cannot ensure that you will stay in the exact room that is displayed on our website.


Art 5.2 : Accommodation Gozo :
Whilst on Gozo the winners will be accommodated for 5 nights in a magnificent Baron Holiday Homes Farmhouse ( )
As per giveaway restrictions accommodation is available anytime before May 15th and after Sept 15th in 2017 or 2018.
Availability does need to be confirmed with Baron Holiday Homes before flights and Valletta accommodation are all finalised.


Art 5.3 : Flights to Malta :
Winners will be flown to Malta from any European location that has a direct connection wether it be with Air Malta ( ) or another airline. These flights are kindly sponsored by the Malta Tourism Authority ( ) . Flights need to taken before May 15th or after sept 15th (we will confirm shortly in the terms and conditions if easter and christmas periods are eligible)
Before flights are confirmed it is best to ensure availability with the accommodation and car rental partners. If the winner choose Family traveller in the signup form they are entitled to two adult and 2 children return flights from any location in Europe with a direct route to Valletta. If the winner is a couple they are entitled to 2 return flights.


Art 5.4 : Car Rental :
Car rental is provided free of charge by CB Car Rentals ( ) . Drivers are required to have a current valid driving licence and also car excess insurance (or it can be purchased direct from CB Car Rentals). As per giveaway restrictions rental is available anytime before May 15th and after Sept 15th in 2017 or 2018 for 10 days (or less)
Availability does need to be confirmed with CB Car Rentals before flights and accommodation are all finalised.
You do not have to avail of the full 10 days rental if you do not wish (whilst you are in Valletta) as parking is expensive and traffic can be problematic !


Art 5.5 : Diving

Unfortunately our diving partner has pulled out of the giveaway last minute :( sorry guys !!!


Art 5.6 : Great healthy food at the Grassy Hopper
Thanks to the Grassy Hopper ( ) in Valletta the lucky winners will sit down to the healthiest and possibly tastiest meal in Malta!
Included is a main meal, smoothie/drink, desert and tea/coffee for the family/couple… this is a Kid Trotter tried and tested location and we guarantee you that you will not be disappointed !


Art 5.7 : Xterra Gozo Trail Run or MTB
If you are a trail runner or mountain biker and choose to come on May 5th you can avail of 2 free entries offered by Xterra Gozo ( Hellfire Events : ) . You can choose from either the 50k Ultra Trail run, the 21k trail run or the 50k MTB race.


Art 5.8 : Malta 5D experience

Winners will have free entrance into the amazing Malta 5D ( It is a colourful and impressive multi media experience detailing Maltese history and culture, magnified with 3D film, moving seats, water spray, air blasts and leg ticklers. A unique experience for all ages!


Art 5.9 : Amazing discounts with Malta Discount Card
Winners will receive the great Malta Discount Card ( ) which will entitle you to 600 exclusive offers from over 150 Top Establishments around Malta & Gozo. It is a must for any visit to the island


Art 5.10 : Harbour tour with A & S Water Taxis

With A & S Water Taxis ( ) winners will enjoy a Cruise Around Malta's Grand Harbour, or just a simple crossing from Valletta to the Three Cities In a Traditional Maltese Dghajsa.


Art 5.11 : Outdoor adventures with Gozo Adventures

Gozo is a paradise for activity holiday and Gozo Adventures ( ) are the people to take you on one of those great kayaking, hiking, biking or climbing adventures ! With Gozo Adventures you can avail of either a 1/2 day kayaking, climbing or biking experience.

Art 5.12 : History tour guide with Colour my Travel

History buffs are in for a treat with a tour with one of the best known and loved tour guides in Malta. They have a range of different tours and will adapt to your needs (Valletta / Mdina)


Art 5.13 : Fun tour with Malta Segway

Get a totally different view of Malta’s Capital City. Hop on a segway and absorb the capital city first hand with your Segway Leader and experience Valletta open-air while gilding on the coolest ride of the 21st century.
( Minimum age is 12 years. Pregnant woman are not permitted to ride the segways. Segways are not appropriate for persons weighing less than 45kgs or over 113kgs.)

Art 5.14 : Amazing art classes with Connect 2 Gozo

This experience is a very unique way to discover the Gozo countryside and features in one of The Kid Trotter episodes and is highly recommended ! Winners will enjoy a 1/2 a day with the lovely Hermine and discover about the flora and fauna of Gozo before using the elements to create a work of art !


Art 5.15 : Massages and Relaxing at The Well – SPA

Located in the magnificent Palazzo Consiglia you will be treated to time in The Well – SPA. The Well have kindly offered 2 free massages so you can truly unwind after a long day out discovering Valletta.


Art 5.16 : Lonely Planet Guides

The world's best known travel brand Lonely Planet is kindly helping the lucky winners prepare for this amazing holiday by sending them a Malta travel guide. You will also be sent three Let's Explore books for the kids to get them really excited about the trip and travel in general.
Check out Lonely Planet Kids here


Art 5.17 : Popeye Village
Popeye Village Malta has grown from its days as a Film Set of the 1980 Musical Production 'Popeye' into one of the major tourist attractions on the Maltese Islands filled with a number of colorful fun activities for all young and young at heart. Open all year round they guarantee an enjoyable visit to all of guests.


Art 5.17 : Malta Discount Card

The lucky winners will be supplied with complimentary Malta Discount Cards !
Malta Discount Card is a unique guide which entitles the holder, one accompanying guest and up to three accompanying children approximately 600 exclusive offers from over 150 Top Establishments around Malta & Gozo. Whether you are enjoying the sun and the Mediterranean Sea on a boat cruise, diving, experiencing unique watersports activities, exploring the islands’ history and attractions, adventures and also out for a good meal you will definitely benefit from outstanding discounts of up to 50%. Malta Discount Card will guide you to get the best out of your holiday or free time while saving a lot of money!


Art 6 : Increasing your chances of winning
If you have signed up to Malta is Amazing and complete the simple tasks (which will be sent via email) then you have 1 chance of winning ! (one ticket in the draw)
If you invite friends using your unique URL and they signup and confirm their email address then you have an additional chance ( another ticket in the draw) The more people that signup with your URL the more chances you have - NO LIMIT !
IMPT : If you have friends signup but you forget to give them your unique URL - there is no way to assign them to you URL


Art 7 : Selection of a winner
A winner will be selected at random on a FB Live video in Valletta on October 26th.

All users that have 25 confirmed refferals will be entered into the final draw (lets call those influencers ) and then
We shall select 10 random ‘tickets’ / people via a php script.

An influencer may be pulled out in the random draw also but can only hold 3 places in the final draw

All these people’s names will then be written on to paper and one lucky winner will be chosen at random.


Art 8 : Verification process
Before choosing a final winner we will need to verify that this person has fulfilled the short tasks in each of our emails. Once validated then the winner can discuss dates with us… and we will speak to the partners to secure dates.


Art 9 : Flexibility and Availability
As we are dealing with a number of partners which risk to be busy in 2018 due to the European capital of culture celebrations hence the winner(s) need to keep in mind that they may need to have a little flexibility in order for flight and accommodation dates to fit together. Regarding all the activities planned the organiser can not guarantee that there will be availability for ALL… it all depends on the period you choose to visit and the availability of the partner in question - that said many of the partners are open all year round.


Art 10 : transferable ??
We will announce soon if this prize is transferable or not ( ie if you can give it to someone as a wedding or birthday present!!)
This prize IS transferable … so if for some reason you cannot go or you just want to give the present of the holiday of a lifetime (honeymoon, 50th birthday present etc etc ) to a good friend then this is possible !!
However you will need to communicate details of the winner right after you are chosen.

Art 11 : We reserve the right to tweak the terms and conditions at any time if a situation arises in which it is necessary. Please don’t give out we are doing our best :)


Art 12 : Nice to be Nice
We have spent an amazing amount of time organising this giveaway so that one of you guys has the holiday of a lifetime and want to keep things as transparent so please remember it is nice to be nice !


Art 13 : Your privacy
As you are signing up with your email we promise that all email details will remain private and we will not sell or give it to any 3rd parties. You can at all moments click on the email unsubscribe link and be removed from all future emails and offers. On completion of Malta is Amazing we may contact you directly from The Kid Trotter about our upcoming travel videos and giveaways. You can at all times unsubscribe if do no longer wish to hear from us : (